Why is Lead Used for Making Bullets and Lead Shot?

At Mayco Industries, we have the bullets and lead shots for sale to meet your ammunition requirements. Our team conducts highly effective testing to keep dross to a minimum and produce an exceptional quality product.


Lead has some very advantageous properties when used in the manufacturing of projectiles. These advantages are briefly explained below.


Lead is Malleable


When manufacturing a jacket bullet, lead is pushed into a copper jacket using a hydraulic dye. The advantage to using lead is that when it is pushed into the jacket, it does not recover, or bounce back at all, and retains the shape it was molded into. When compared to other materials, lead offers a higher density and less rebound, making it ideal for shaping and manufacturing into high-quality ammunition.


Lead is Dense


The fact that lead is dense in nature means that it is heavy for its volume. Heavier bullets travel more accurately. The technical aspects of how this works involve a discussion of the ballistic coefficient, sectional density, and more.


Lead Can Be Melted and Cast at Low Temperatures


Lead only needs relatively low temperatures to melt and be poured into a bullet, making it easier to handle and work with. When a lead bullet is cast, it shrinks in a uniform manner as it cools, which making it easier to develop a mold into which a lead bullet is cast.


Lead Makes Bullets More Fatal


A bullet is most dangerous when it penetrates and disperses its energy inside the target. As a very soft metal compared to many others, lead expands when it makes contact and penetrates a target. Other harder metals disperse little energy when hitting a target, often going right through them without as much impact.


A soft metal is beneficial when it comes to delivering a more devastating impact due to the softer metals expansion, making wounds deeper and wider. Even if a lead bullet travels all the way through a target, the expanded bullet delivers a much larger sized exit hole, which is a more fatal threat to a target. These bullets are sometimes jacketed with copper to produce a more even surface, increasing their accuracy.


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High Quality Lead Lined Drywall for Radiation Shielding Applications

If you work in an application that requires protection from radiation, lead lined drywall may be the perfect solution for seamlessly building protection in to your business. Whether you are renovating or building a new construction, lead lined drywall allows you to provide protection from radiation, while keeping a clean design for your space. Lead is simply rolled onto the wall before the drywall is installed, making it fit seamlessly with the existing space. Lead-lined drywall can be used in a variety of applications, such as diagnostic imaging rooms used for MRIs and C.A.T. scans. Our Mayco lead-lined drywall is made from one roll of our lead sheet, and conforms to ASTM B 749-03 or QQ-L-201 F for lead laminated, according to fire code. In addition, our Type X-Ray Shielded Gypsum gypsum board is in accordance with ASTM C 1396 classification.


The lead-lined drywall we offer can be utilized in a variety of projects where radiation shielding is required, and conforms to all required industry regulations and guidance.


Customized Lead-Lined Drywall


At Mayco Industries, we offer sheet lead in a variety of thicknesses available according to the level of protection you need. This sheet lead can be used in lead lined drywall applications, and we are sure to have the right fit for your project requirements. The majority of the lead-lined gypsum board we offer is shipped in 5/8 inch thickness, but we also offer 1/2 inch thick lead-lined board. Whether you are working on a difficult project, or have questions about the materials you need, our staff of industry professionals are here to help. We have the capability to supply lead-lined drywall in large volumes very quickly, ensuring you have the materials you need to meet your construction schedule and achieve successful results.


Lead-lined Drywall Priced Competitively


As a top supplier of lead-based materials in the U.S., we deliver an extensive array of construction options for radiation shielding. The materials we employ may be used in various industry sectors, and are sold at a competitive price, making us an easy choice for companies of all types. In addition, we have established a culture of ongoing innovation and improvement, ensuring our lead-lined drywall and other products deliver exceptional value and performance every time.


To learn more about the options we offer with our lead-lined drywall products for radiation shielding, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or send an email to sales@maycoindustries.com.



The Leader in Lead Fabrication

At Mayco Industries, we are the premier U.S. manufacturer of a diversified range of lead products. We can help you meet your lead production needs through a range of processes we perform to achieve outstanding results, including custom lead casting, extruding, rolling, machining, and coating.


Lead Production Centers


Throughout the United States we maintain two manufacturing plants and six distribution facilities, enabling our customers to benefit from excellent delivery times and reduced freight costs. We are also able to recycle scrapped lead which reduces our costs, the benefit of which we pass on to our customers. Our Birmingham, AL facility hosts one of the largest sheet lead rolling mills in North America. Our workforce is highly competent, with a strong track record of safety to provide you with your lead fabrication needs at top efficiency.


Lead Roofing and Plumbing


At Mayco, we offer an extensive array of stock and custom lead plumbing and roofing products. Lead has been a prize material for roofing and flashing applications for decades due to its malleability, enabling it to be formed and rolled into a variety of shapes, yet retain its durability that resists tearing.


Lead Radiation Shielding


Regardless of whether you are constructing a new medical building, or if want to refurbish an existing building to add a certain level radiation shielding, we have the lead radiation protection products you need. These include lead lined plywood, lead lined drywall, sheet lead, and lead bricks for sale.


Lead Ballast Weights


Our team is prepared to meet any of your lead ballast needs. We can provide anything from standard lead ballast bricks to large custom-cast lead ballast weighing thousands of pounds. Our weights and ballast come in a variety of options to help you obtain the size or shape you need for your project.


Bullet Lead for Sale


We are also your premier provider of ammunition lead. In addition to our line of West Coast Magnum and Lawrence Brand Shot products, we also offer extensive array of stock and custom bullet alloys, lead wire for bullet making, and lead billets for extrusion.


For your custom design requirements, we also offer an extensive array of specialty products, but also give you flexibility in terms of product size and design.


You can also count on us for fast turnarounds, and speedy delivery. We are able to leverage various warehouse locations throughout the United States to meet your needs as quickly as possible. In addition, if any product damage occurs during shipping, we can replace it quickly with a new shipment.


For more information about our lead product fabrication capabilities, call us today at 800.749.6061 or complete our contact form.


Lead as Radiation Shielding in Radiology Applications

At Mayco Industries, we offer lead products for various types of radiation shielding applications. We have provided these products for more than three decades. Not surprisingly, the radiology profession utilizes lead radiation shielding to a significant extent.


Lead Protection Details


Lead shielding is a great way to protect against scatter radiation. It is an effective material for this purpose due to its high molecular density, allowing to effectively blocking the penetration of x-rays and gamma rays. It is used in various radiology applications including x-ray imaging and PET rooms.


There are many ways that lead can be used to protect overexposure of patients, staff, and the general public. Patients and staff can be protected by lead aprons, body shields, and specially designed lead-lined enclosures near radiology equipment. The general public is protected in radiology departments through the installation of lead-lined doors, walls, and ceilings. The installation of lead shields for radiology helps prevent harmful exposure to radiation produced by various types of equipment in radiology environments.


Types of Radiation Shielding


Various types of radiation shields can provide protection during periods of long exposure. These include:


  • Table Shields
    These shields protect the lower portion of the body from scatter radiation. They are designed for use on C-arm fluoroscopy and x-ray fluoroscopy tables.
  • Full-Body Shields
    These shields provide protection at full height and also include an observation window for those watching or assisting with the procedure.
  • Overhead Shields
    These shields mount to the ceiling of the procedure room and provide a full 360 degree rotation along with pivoting capabilities for precision positioning above the patient.
  • Mobile Shields
    These shields are conveniently rolled and placed in the exact position they are needed. The clinician can use height-adjustable shields and extension arms for perfect adjustment for maximum efficiency and comfort.


At Mayco Industries, we offer our customers high-quality options that involve lead shields for radiology. These options provide reliable and safe protection and help you comply with necessary industry regulations and guidance. For more information about our radiation shielding products, call us today at 800.749.6061.


Leaded X-Ray Glass and Frames for Shielding

Whether you are building a new medical center, or renovating an existing one, radiation shielding is a requirement for any facility that performs radiology services. At Mayco Industries, we offer an array of options for radiation shielding, including glass x-ray lead shields.

Shielding Glass with High Lead/Barium Content

The glass for x-ray protection we offer consists of high lead/barium content, which delivers a protective shield against x-ray radiation for medical, research, and technical applications. This glass protects against radiation equipment that produces radiation in the range of 100 to 300 KV. Although we offer higher equivalencies, the standard lead equivalency of our lead/barium content glass is 2.0 mm (1/16 in.), with an 8.0 mm (5/16 in.) thickness. These glass x-ray lead shields are highly effective at providing the required radiation protection needed in various environments.

Lead Lined Telescopic View Frames

The telescoping window frames we offer at Mayco Industries are fully lead-lined, with a telescoping component that complements multiple types of wall construction. These frames are made from 16-gauge steel, and are designed to work in walls that are anywhere from 4 to 6.25 inches thick. They include a visually pleasing 2 in. x 1/2 in. face that complements most standard metal fixtures and hardware. The corners of these frames are welded and ground smooth.

Our frames are precision factory punched for reversible stops, which are also predrilled and countersunk. This enables proper glazing with one or both panes of the x-ray glass (lead shielding glass), or a single pane of 9/16 in. x-ray glass.

Lead Lined Two-Piece Slip Frames

These two-piece lead-lined slip frames have a similar installation as telescopic view frames, but made for a specific throat dimension. They are often utilized when mullions are required, or bigger throat dimensions are needed. The profiles of these slip frames are power brake formed, and made from a 60 Galvannealed or 14 and 16 gauge cold rolled steel.

The head, jams, and sills are assembled with tongue and slot connection. They have accurately fitted miters that are welded continuously and ground smooth. Once assembled, the frames are cleaned thoroughly and provided with a prime coat of rust inhibiting primer paint, with the primer to be air dried.
For more information about the x-ray lead shields and other radiation shielding products we offer at Mayco Industries, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or email sales@maycoindustries.com.


Customizing Lead Ballast Weights

One of the advantages of being the leader in the lead products manufacturing sector in the United States is that we get to work with a wide-range of very diverse companies and businesses. We are capable of working with contractors on everything from designing and building bridges, plumbing projects, naval applications, roofing services, stained-glass window projects, and even constructing shielding for nuclear facilities.


We also provide lead ballast weights and counterweights for a wide-range of applications. Our products can be found providing support for amazing works of art, ballast for boats and aerospace applications.


Customized Solutions


A key difference in working with Mayco Industries is our ability to specifically meet the needs of our customers. We have the skill, capacity and the extensive experience to craft up to 300,000-pounds of custom-poured lead ballast to the exact shapes our customers require.


We will work closely with your engineering team to ensure the customized lead ballast weights we produce are to the specifications and tolerances required. We are able to work on any scale, from small ballast weights, to the gigantic projects. We offer both standard ballast weight options and those that are unique and tailored for one specific application.


Shot Ballast


A very practical solution in lead ballast weights is our shot ballast. Shot can easily fill any type of container or space, making it a perfect option for applications that need lead ballast in an area that might be of an unusual space, or be difficult to reach. This includes bridge counterweights, as well as ballast in boats and ships.


Shot ballast is also very practical and offers a lower-cost solution for many applications. Our team can discuss the use of this type of ballast for your project, helping you to choose the ideal solution to meet your specifications and the budget.


To find out more, get in touch with our lead products experts at 800-749-6061.


Get Saftey and Security with a Lead Vault

If you want a container or room that is safe and secure, a lead vault is one of the best choices. Mayco Industries is one of the most trusted names in the lead industry. We are the largest lead-based materials producer in the US today, and we serve a diverse range of industries, with plants in Alabama and Illinois.


Building Your Lead Vault or Cave with Mayco Products


Lead caves and containers are important for shielding the effects of radiation. You can depend on Mayco to give you products that meet or exceed all the standards set forth by the EPA and local municipalities. We can give you either flat or interlocking brick, and you can choose epoxy coated or powder coated bricks. Coating lead bricks gives people handling the materials greater protection and can keeps the bricks from cracking, or chipping.


Why You Should Choose Mayco


We specialize in one material: everything we sell is lead, or lead lined. That is the nature of our business, and we know it well. If it is made from lead, chances are we carry it! We create custom sizes for many products, so you do not have to settle for standard sizes if your applications call for something different.




We are able to offer so many products because we have the capability to perform so many processes:


  • Extrusion
  • Casting
  • Machining
  • Rolling
  • Coating


Design Assistance


Do you need help designing a lead vault or other lead containers? If so, our design experts are here for you no matter how big or small your project is.




When you use Mayco lead products, you get the protection of high-quality lead. Whether you’re building your own lead vault or need a custom-built container, you can depend on Mayco. Call us today at 800-749-6061 for more details.


Chilled Lead Shot For Sale by Mayco

For those new to reloading, the various terms used in the industry can be more than a bit confusing. At Mayco Industries, we offer chilled, magnum, copper plate, and hard-cast shot. Each option offers different benefits for shooters to consider.


A closer look at Mayco’s Lawrence Brand chilled shot for sale will make it easy to see why this is considered the best option for serious shooters and reloaders. It has long been known as the “Champions Choice,” and with good reason. The shot itself is highly polished and uniformly round, which is essential for providing a tight shot pattern, improving accuracy.


What Makes Shot “Chilled”?

In essence, the difference in the shot is really the amount of antimony used in the alloying of the lead. Antimony is a heavy metal, which is a gray, shiny metalloid used in a surprising number of products, including in medicines and cosmetics. Today, it is most often found alloyed with lead in electrical cables and solders. It is also used in glass, semiconductors, as a chemical catalyst, as well as in pigment in paints.


In the Lawrence Brand chilled shot for sale we offer at Mayco Industries, antimony is used to create a slightly softer, less dense shot. This makes the shot more accurate for short-range shooting. It is also preferred by hunters, as it provides a compact shot pattern.


Our chilled shot for sale is 2% of antimony, which is considered the ideal ratio by expert marksmen and hunters. All of the Lawrence Brand chilled shot is accurately sized and consistently dense, which makes reloading at home, even for those new to this part of the sport, a very easy process.


To learn more about the shot we offer for reloading, get in touch with us through the website or by phone at 800-749-6061.



Mayco Industries Radiation Shielding Options

As the leader in the lead fabrication industry, Mayco Industries offers our expertise and experience in the lead design and construction fields to all of our customers. Our team can help your company in choosing the ideal radiation shielding materials for any type of project.
We have extensive experience in working with engineers, architects, and contractors working on projects from nuclear facilities to dental and doctor office x-ray and imaging rooms. Over time, we have developed a full line of products and options to address the requirements of building codes in all of these different industries.
To help understand why Mayco Industries is the industry leader in radiation shielding, consider the following products we can provide in standard or custom sizes, alloys and orders.
Building Materials
For over thirty years, Mayco Industries has provided building materials that offer radiation containment and protection. We manufacturer our lead-lined gypsum and plywood to meet the requirements of any job.
Our lead sheet is laminated to the building material at our facility. This means we have full control over the process, ensuring a quality end product that is the best in the industry.
Additionally, we offer free flow lead shot. This is an ideal option to fill in voids in walls or equipment where other lead products are impractical to use. The lead shot offers an equivalent shielding capacity of solid lead.
Flat and Interlocking Bricks

For additional protection, our lead bricks, which are either flat or interlocking, are easy to use as a highly practical option for radiation shielding. They can also be used for lead vaults and caves of any size, shape, and dimension. We also provide custom machined lead parts which are in use all across the industry. Our custom process allows us to custom fabricate any components you need. To find out more, give us a call today at 800-749-6061, we would be happy to provide the information you need.


Turn To Mayco Industries for Machined Lead Needs


At Mayco Industries, we only work with lead. This allows us to have the specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience to create the custom sheets, bricks, angles, and other lead products needed for everything from ammunition to specialized types of radiation-shielding materials.


Many people make the mistake of assuming that machined lead is something that is easy to produce. The soft, malleable characteristics of lead are often deceiving, and using the correct techniques are essential to create the precise edges, and angles. Our experience in working lead allows us easy construct of lead ballast, caves, vaults, walls, roofing, and other products in quantities and time constrains that other companies might struggle with.




Lead is used in wide-range of applications from, shielding, building parts, ballast, ammunition, and more. It is useful in industries ranging from aerospace, to construction. Lead is also used in a wide variety of medical equipment, particularly equipment used for medical imaging, and in research and testing facilities.


In food production plants, using irradiation processes, as well as in nuclear reactors, machined lead parts are often required. The Mayco Industries team can work with your engineers and designers to create lead parts to the tolerances you require.


Options in Machining


Machining has come a long way in the last few decades. At Mayco Industries we use the latest in CNC machining equipment that can perform precision sawing, 3-axis machining, as well as highly-accurate routers and lathes.


When you work with our team for your machined lead, you will notice a superior product that can be produced as a single run for small-volume orders, large-volume, and repetitive orders.


To talk to our team about your CNC machining requirements for lead parts and components, call us today at 800-749-6061.