Custom Lead Foil Sheet to Meet Your Industry Needs

We offer a wide range of high-grade lead products available in foil sheeting. Many customers appreciate this option because of its great versatility, being highly suitable for multiple environments and easy-to-use. It also has excellent malleability for the formation of sheet lead, often utilized for radiation shielding applications. This lead foil sheet is offered with or without adhesive backing, and comes in 50 to 75 pound rolls. We are able to supply you with the lead foil you need in the volume you require with very fast processing for both small and large orders.


Lead Foil Sheet Benefits


A number of benefits are available with use of lead foil sheet, which makes it highly popular. These include:


  • Has enough flexibility to bend and shape around tubes, canisters, and sharp corners. It is ideal for various construction applications.

  • Is easily cut with a utility knife or scissors.

  • Used with adhesive backing, the foil is held in place for easier application, avoiding the need to penetrate the lead for fastening purposes. This is particularly useful when conditions are not right for lead cutting.


Lead Foil Sheets for Sale


If you are in the market for high-quality lead foil sheets, we have the supply you need. All of our sheet lead foil products are manufactured to the same exceptional standards. Our inventory of foil sheets is impressive, and we can provide customized sheets according to your specific requirements.


Availability of Lead Foil Sheet


Some of the features of our lead foil sheet availability include:


  • Offered in five different thicknesses

  • Offered in multiple widths up to 12 inches

  • Offered with an adhesive back in 20 yard rolls with a 10-roll minimum


At Mayco Industries, we are able to produce a wide range custom lead foil sheets at competitive prices according to your specifications. We can also accommodate you with your size requirements if they happen to currently fall outside of our standard product offering sizes.

For more information about the custom sheet lead products we offer at Mayco Industries, give us a call today at 800.749.6061 or email us at


The Leader in Lead Manufacturing

At Mayco Industries, we are the premier manufacturer of non-battery lead products in the U.S. From our two main plants, one in Birmingham, AL, and the other in Granite City, IL, we produce and distribute our sheet lead, and an extensive array of other lead products, including lead anodes and lead blocks for sale.


Roofing and Plumbing


We provide complete line of stock and custom lead plumbing and roofing products to our customers. As roofing and flashing material, lead has been used extensively for hundreds of years due to its malleability. It can be effectively formed and rolled into a large variety of shapes. At the same time it is durable and highly tear resistant. In fact, in many cases, lead can last for decades, or longer.


Radiation Protection


At Mayco Industries, whether you are refurbishing existing premises, or building a new medical facility that involves inclusion of lead shielding, we offer optimal lead radiation shielding options. These include bulk lead for sale in the form of lead lined drywall, lead bricks, and lead lined plywood. Construction firms and developers can take advantage of these options to incorporate the best protection and various types of structures.


Ballasts and Weights


We offer standard lead ballast bricks as well as large custom-cast lead ballast in a variety of options for the development of a many sizes and shapes to accommodate specific applications.




Our team offers a great amount of expertise in lead ammunition. In addition to our West Coast Magnum Shot and Lawrence Brand Shot, we also provide an extensive range of custom in stock bullet alloys, along with lead wire for bullet making and lead billets for extrusion.


We also offer a range of specialty products to meet you custom design requirements. This includes considerable flexibility regarding the design and sizes of these products.


Whether you need lead wire spool or lead bars for sale, we provide fast turnarounds and quick delivery, operating from warehouses in various locations throughout the U.S. As well, if any damage does occur during the shipping process we handle it quickly provide prompt ship replacements.


Lead Bars Suppliers and More


For additional information about the various lead products we offer, give us a call today at 800.749.6061.


Take Advantage Of Our Bullet Lead For Sale

At Mayco Industries, we work with a wide-range of different industries, businesses, and individuals. If you are looking for high-quality bullet lead for sale, our sales team can work with you to ensure we have the raw material you need to fulfill your ammunition production needs.


Our Bullet Alloys


One of the reasons that so many clients looking for bullet lead for sale turn to us, is our top selection of alloys. In some situations, our customers may rely on our sales staff to assist in choosing the ideal alloy for the specific ammunition manufacturing needs.


We offer the standard alloys of 2/6, 2/7, which indicates the alloy is made up of 2% tin and 6or 7% antimony respectively. The rest of the percentage is lead. Additionally, we also offer the 20-1 alloy, which is 95% lead and 5% tin and the 30-1 alloy that contains 3% tin and 97% lead.




We do have significant on-hand availability of bullet lead for sale, so we are able to quickly fill orders of any size. Our bullet alloys can be shipped in different forms to suit your process and the size of your equipment. For smaller production runs, our tri-bar is a popular choice. This is a bar of approximately 7 pounds, so it is easy to handle and quick to process. The next option is a rolled rough sawn plate. Uniformly dense, and free from air pockets, each piece is approximately 0.75x4x10”.


Brick is a more substantial version of the rough sawn plate. These bricks are two and a half by two by eight inches and are ideal for larger kettles and processing requirements.


To find out more about our bullet lead products, including bullet wire, give us a call today at 800-749 -6061.


The Benefits Of Buying Mayco’s Lead Plates for Sale


Lead plate can be used in a wide-range of applications, but it is most commonly used for lead shielding to contain radiation, and provide a safe environment in areas where radiation equipment is used, or where radioactive substances are stored.


Manufacturing and Custom Orders


Mayco Industries has been in the lead plate business for years, completing both small, and large-volume orders for customers of all sizes, in many different industries and located all over the country. We are the largest supplier of lead plates for sale, as well as other lead products, within the United States. This means we have the largest on-hand inventory, and can often ship with extremely short turnaround times, even for specialty orders.


At Mayco, we have custom-built lead rolling mills, located in Birmingham, Alabama. This equipment allows us to produce rolled plate that exactly meets your specifications. This includes thickness ranging from 0.015, up to 5 inches, lengths up to 25 feet, and widths of up to 110 inches. Our equipment is also capable of rolling plate up to 10,000 pounds, ensuring our lead plates for sale will exactly match what your project calls for.


Distribution and Shipping


We understand that working with lead is costly, particularly when it comes to shipping. To help to cut costs of freight, we have six distribution centers across the country, and several manufacturing plants: Birmingham, AL; Granite City, IL; and in Healdsburg, CA.


We will work with you to ensure our lead plates for sale meet the quality and alloy in that is needed for your job. When possible, we aim to ship from our closest facility, which will help to cut costs, as well as shorten turnaround time on orders. To find out more or to discuss your lead plate needs, call us at 800-749-6061.


What to Consider When Ordering Lead Lined Glass

When protecting people and equipment from exposure to radiation, there is no need to give up on visibility, and an open, hospitable look. In the past, radiation rooms in medical facilities or in research centers tended to be interior rooms or, at the very least, rooms with no windows to allow for lead shielding or lead bricks.


Today, thanks to the top-quality, highly protective lead lined glass and window frames offered by Mayco Industries, this is no longer the case. Windows can be installed to allow staff to monitor patients visually from the equipment control center, and patients can also be more comfortable, and feel less confined.


For research facilities, and other areas where radiation shielding is required, lead lined glass provides easy visibility into testing rooms. It allows for quick visual checks of equipment gauges and controls, without the need to enter the room.


Options to Consider

All of the x-ray glass we sell is high in lead/barium content. This provides specific levels of protection based on the amount of radiation produced by the equipment in use. Our team can assist in matching the correct thickness of glass to ensure full shielding from radiation levels in the area based on the X-ray potential in kVs.


Our glass is very easy to maintain once installed. It can be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. It is also safe to use commercially available disinfectants on the glass, or use UV light as a disinfecting method.


Our Frames

In addition to providing lead lined glass, we also offer lead lined telescopic view frames. These are designed to ensure full radiation protection, and to allow for installation of single or double pain lead shielding glass.


The combination of the window frames and the radiation glass provides a very safe, yet aesthetically pleasing, look for any facility. Precision manufacturing gives our glass and frames an edge over the competition. To find out more, contact our specialists at 800-749-6061.


3 Reasons to Buy Lead Ingots from Mayco Industries

At Mayco Industries, we specialize in lead products; it is the focus of our business. This focus allows us to not just offer the top selection of lead materials and components, but it also allows our staff to have expertise in working with this material across a range of different applications.

While most of our customers that are in the market to buy lead ingots are in the plumbing or construction industry, we also offer ingots that are used in various marine applications, as well as for manufacturing of equipment, and storage products.

There are several reasons why these companies choose to buy lead ingots exclusively from Mayco Industries. By taking a closer look at the benefits, you will see how our products can benefit your production and construction processes.



Our lead ingots are sold at either 99.7 or 99.9-percent pure lead. We are committed to quality in all of the products we manufacture. We make sure all of our products, including our ingots, are produced to required industry specifications.

We offer a spec-sheet downloads for all of our products on our website. This includes those used for radiation shielding, as well as for roofing and plumbing, ballasts, and other applications.


In-house Inventory and Availability

We understand that when you need to buy lead ingots, you want to be able to count on prompt delivery, and short turnaround times for orders. As a specialty lead supplier, we carry a diverse in-house inventory, and can work with companies for regular orders of any size to ensure prompt and on-time delivery.


Easy to Manage

In addition to the outstanding quality of our lead ingots, we have also taken the time to ensure they are available in an easy-to-work-with and storage form. We offer our ingots in 5-pound sections of 5 ingots, for a total string weight of 25 pounds.

The ingots all come clean, and ready to use: ideal for any application on construction sites, or when used in fabrication and manufacturing processes at your facility. For more information, or to place an order, call us today at 800-749-6061, or fill in the request for a quote form on the website.