Selecting the Best Lead Shot Ballast

As the industry leader in providing top-quality lead products, Mayco Industries provides lead shot ballast to manufacturers, fabricators, and other businesses across the United States. With our multiple locations, we can provide low-cost shipping options, or arrange for our customers to pick up directly from our locations.


Our lead shot ballast is ideal for a range of uses. Unlike cast lead or lead bricks or blocks, shot is very flexible. The lead shot can be put into any type container or space and fill it entirely. It is also easier to handle in many applications as it is not one solid shape and weight.


For very high weight ballast needs, the ability to move smaller amounts of lead shot into the form or structure is ideal. Smaller cranes and lifting systems can be used to handle even very large weight as individual loads of ballast can easily be maneuvered into place.


Our Projects


As the go-to lead products fabrication company, Mayco Industries has been involved in some groundbreaking uses of lead in a variety of industries. In 2012, we supplied 700,000 pounds of our own lead shot in the replacement of the existing system for the Gilmerton Bridge Project. This bridge, located in Chesapeake, VA, was a perfect location to highlight the flexibility and the practical nature of using lead shot even for very high weight types of ballast and counterweight requirements.


Not all of our customers require large volume orders of lead shot ballast. We sell our shot ballast in 25 pound bags for easy handling. With our large orders, we design custom sized super sacks based on the requirements of our customers.


To discuss your need for shot ballast, talk to the experts at Mayco Industries. Give us a call today at 800-749- 6061.