Lead Blocks for Sale by Mayco Industries

At Mayco Industries to we provide various types of lead products for radiation shielding. We have served the shielding industry with state-of-the-art products for more than three decades. Our inventory consists of bulk quantities of stock sheet lead. We are able to laminate this lead to drywall applications which produces the necessary protective armor.


You can count on us for a variety of customized products such as lead lined plywood, lead blocks for sale, and gypsum board. Our lead bricks may be used in the construction of a lead cave or a medical facility. In addition, we pour heat-controlled casks.


Lead Radiation Shielding Provides Strong Protection


Whether you are building a new medical facility or require the refurbishment of an existing property with the addition of necessary shielding, we have the right lead radiation shield option for you. Our options include lead lined drywall, lead blocks, and lead lined plywood. With the variety we offer, construction firms and developers can implement the necessary protection required in virtually any structure.


Lead Blocks for a Customized Solution


Whether it involves lead blocks for sale or lead lined gypsum board, we have the products you need for your radiation protection project. As a top U.S. supplier of lead products, we can source large volumes of lead building material within a very tight time frame. Combining our expert workforce and modern machinery, were able to customize the lead radiation solution you need to match your specific project requirements.


The Advantage We Provide


At Mayco, we stand as the largest lead-based products manufacturer in the U.S., outside of batteries. Our customer base is diverse throughout the nation and we produce sheet lead, lead blocks for sale, and more. We have production operations at our Birmingham, AL headquarters plant as well as our facility in Granite City, IL. Through the multiple warehouse locations across the country, were also able to deliver your products with the speed you will appreciate.


Lead radiation Shielding Products


We supply our customers with the high-quality products they need. Call us today at 800.749.6061 for more information about how we can serve your radiation shielding needs.