Lead Bars for Sale and More – Alloys for Various Applications

Various industrial applications have utilized lead bar stock and lead rod for many years, including heating and cooling equipment, lighting equipment, automotive industry, harness fabrication, computers, and motor leads. Lead rods have been used for support wires and lightbulb filaments, electrical components such as capacitors and resistors, and customizing tennis rackets by adding weight. Lead wire and lead bars for sale are available in different alloys for various uses. These include burning bar, bullet wire, lead buoy weights, lead anodes, and lead ballast. At Mayco Industries, we offer lead bar, wire, and pipe products that meet the needs of multiple applications.


As it concerns lead wire, we provide diameters of .093 inches to .750 inches in cut lengths to about a 10-foot maximum hand on spools. The standard spools we provide are 25 or 50 pounds. Alternatively, they can be packaged in drums or coils.


Lead pipe we offer is extruded to a constant wall thickness and quality. We ship pipe sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches and a maximum of 10 feet weights. To guarantee straightness and prevent damage, they are packed in fiber tubes.


Coils are provided in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch through 1 ½ inches.


Lead Bar for Customized Solutions


Regardless of your requirements involving lead bars for sale and other lead components, we have the range of customized lead bar, wire, and other products necessary to help you fulfill your project requirements. At Mayco Industries, we are a leading supplier in the U.S. of lead products and can help you access the building materials you need in large volumes within a tight timeframe.


The Benefits We Provide


As the leading web-based product manufacture in the U.S., we have a diverse customer base extending throughout the nation. As a leader in the lead marketplace, we produce lead in various forms, including lead bars for sale. From our headquarters in Birmingham, AL, as well as our facility in Granite City, IL, we operate to fulfill our customers’ product needs. We provide your products in a timely manner through our network of warehouse locations around the country.


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