Lead Anodes Provided by Mayco’s Advanced Anode Division

A lead anode is an anode manufactured with lead metal. However, lead anodes are often made of metal alloys as opposed to pure lead in order to achieve better electrical conduction and optimum functioning in electronic devices. At Mayco Industries, we provide the plating industry with fabrications of lead, tin, and other materials.


Regardless of whether you need a custom conforming basket or a basic stick, we have you covered from start to finish. In order to meet the specific needs of our plating customers, we have established our Advanced Anode division.


Lead Anode Uses


Lead alloy anodes are utilized in plating and electrowinning of metals such as nickel, manganese, zinc, and copper. Lead-silver and lead-calcium alloys are often used in these applications due to their high corrosion resistance when exposed to the sulfuric acid used in electrolytic solutions. Lead anodes also possess high corrosion resistance to seawater, making them highly useful uneconomical when used in systems involving the cathodic protection of offshore rigs and ships.


Our Advanced Anode division can provide cast lead products, heating/cooling coils, lead tank liners, and copper bus bars and conductors. If you prefer to build your own lead components instead, we are your source for stock extrusions, castings, wire, plate, sheet, and subassemblies to any required alloy.


Advanced Anode also offers recycling services that include documentation for spent anodes as well as scrap lead into. Regardless of whether you need process validation documents, fabricated assemblies, or one individual stick, our team in the Advanced Anode division can meet your specific challenges. Our professional staff is ready and willing to help you with your lead anode requirements.


Custom Stick Anodes


Features and benefits of the custom stick anodes we offer include:


  • Reconditioned hooks
  • New hooks
  • Existing cores and hooks are reused one possible
  • Submission of approval drawings for all custom stick anodes ordered by the customer


Custom Conforming Anodes


Benefits and features associated with the custom conforming lead anodes we offer include:


  • Lead-burned construction
  • Custom spacing
  • Limitless possibilities with anode configuration
  • Submission of approval drawings for all custom conforming anodes ordered by the customer
  • Our representative available for project development support


For more information about the high-quality lead anode products we offer, call us today at 800.749.6061.