Mayco Industries – One of the Most Trusted Sources in Bullet Lead

At Mayco Industries, we are your premier source of bullet lead for sale for various specifications. Our team performs extensive quality testing to minimize dross in order to yield the optimal quality product.

Our Bullet Lead Options

Among our bullet lead products, our Tri-Bar is a popular option. It is a cast product offered in any type of bullet alloy, perfect for customers that have small kettles. Each bar only weighs about 7 pounds. The bars are easy to break apart for convenient individual use.

Rough Sawn Plate (Premium)

We offer a rolled product in the form of rough sawn plates. Our team squeezes out any air pockets that can form when lead is poured, and we pour large slabs of bullet lead alloy in-house. We enable you to achieve greater yield for the same weight by transforming this into a cut product that has undergone a rolling process. We stamp a melt number for identification on each piece, with the size of each cut piece made to approximately 3/4 in. X 4.5 in. x 10 in.

Bullet Brick (Premium)

Bullet brick is similar to our rough sawn plate, but generates greater yield per weight processed. The bricks, which are approximately 2.5 in. x 2 in. x 8 in., are utilized in medium to large kettles. Again, we stamp each individual piece for identification with a melt number.

Bullet Wire

Another popular option for bullet lead for sale comes in lead wire, also referred to as bullet wire. We offer bullet wire in sizes cut up to 10 feet lengths, from .093 in. to .750 in. diameter. We provide standard spools from 25 to 50 pounds, or we can have them packaged in drums or coils.

Lead Billets for Extrusion

We offer lead billets for extrusion that may be used for various types of applications. These billets are used to make bullet wire and came lead. We offer lead billets in any of our custom, bullet, or standard alloys. They are available in diameters of 4-3/4 in., 3 in., and 2-1/2 in.

Lead Shot

For shooters and reloaders across the nation, we offer West Coast Magnum Shot and Lawrence Brand Shot.

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Bulk Lead Shot for Sale |The Advantages of Choosing Mayco

Mayco I recognized as the leading manufacturer of lead-based products in the United States. Our clients rely on us for high-quality sheet lead, ingots, and specialty lead products. They know they can count the quality of our products, our excellent customer service, and our fast turnaround and delivery times.


Another lead product that Mayco can provide is bulk lead shot for sale. We are proud to work with and manufacture shot for two leading companies, Lawrence Brand Lead Shot, and West Coast Magnum Shot. Both of these companies are leaders in the industry, and offer the finest products on the market for reloading. For many people new to reloading, learning a bit about the differences will help in making a selection.


Magnum Shot


Magnum bulk lead shot for sale is available in both Lawrence Brand and West Coast. Magnum shot offers several benefits to the shooter including greater range, tighter shot patterns, and maximum density.


Hard Cast Buckshot


Available from Lawrence Brand, this is a new addition of bulk lead shot for sale offers a hardness factor of 2% and 6% antimony lead. It is hard cast, pressed and tumbled to create a superior shot, offering tight patterns of 10 inches at forty yards, making it an ideal shot for hunters.


Copper Plated and Chilled Lead Shot


Also available from Lawrence Brand, copper plated and chilled lead shot are always popular options for reloaders. Copper-plated shot is the go-to choice for long range hunting, while the chilled shot is often the preferred choice for both marksmen.


To learn more about the bulk lead shot we offer, give us a call today at 800-749-6061.


Bulk Lead for Sale | Why You Should Choose Mayco Industries

If you are in the market for bulk lead for sale, there is no shortage of companies to choose from. However, it is no acciden that Mayco Industries is the leading supplier of lead products in the country. We can simply get the job done better than the competition! Here are some important reasons to go with Mayco for your lead products.


Lead is Our Only Business


With some companies, their bulk lead for sale is considered a side-project. They may have very little experience with the lead industry, and this could cause you problems. For example, our customer service is unmatched in the industry. You are always treated with respect, and our people have a great deal of knowledge on lead and lead products because lead is all we deal in. We are proud to be lead specialists.


Radiation Shielding


If your business requires radiation shielding, or if you install it for others, Mayco Industries can help. We offer design consultation and engineering services to give you the support you need for your next big project.


Save Time, Energy, and Resources


Instead of buying bulk lead for sale from Mayco Industries you may want to check out the many fine lead products we produce. For example, you can increase the efficiency of your company when you source your lead sheet from us, rather manufacturing it yourself. Lead sheet is only one of many products we have to offer.


We also do lead casting and machining. If you need extruded lead products, we are the source to turn to. In fact, we are the leader in our industry, and you can depend on us for high-quality products with the best customer service.


With plants in Illinois and Alabama, we can give you some of the fastest turnaround time in the industry. If for some reason, you have shipment problems we are here to solve them quickly. To check out all the good things we have for you, call us toll-free today at 800-749-6061.