Lead Billets For Extrusion

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Lead Billets That Can Be Customized to Your Exact Requirements


At Mayco Industries, we provide lead billets for extrusion which are suitable for many different applications. Made to a high standard using our world class machinery and workforce, we can create lead billets for extrusion which have been quality tested at every stage of their creation. From initial selection of premium lead ingots through to reshaping them into the lead billets your operation needs for optimal results, we ensure that our processes deliver exceptional products at a competitive price.


Mayco Lead Billets are for the manufacturing of bullet wire and came lead. Mayco can provide Lead Billets in any of our standard, bullet or custom alloys.


Available Diameters:


  • 2.8″
  • 2.5″
  • 4″ dia


Lead Extrusions Bullets from the U.S.’s Leading Lead Product Provider


We are committed to providing every customer with the products they need to achieve sustainable success. Our lead extrusions and lead billets are available in a wide range of configurations as off-the-shelf options. Alternatively, if you have particular requirements for a specialized type of lead billet, get in touch and we will craft an item that is exactly right for what you have in mind.


We Can Provide Your Lead Billets for Extrusion


As the largest manufacturer of lead-based products in the U.S., we offer a wide selection of lead extrusion options that can be tailored to your needs. Because of our size, we have been able to invest in the right machinery and resources to deliver lead wire extruder and similar products in the volumes you need to achieve your intended production schedule. We can deliver large amounts of lead billets in a relatively short time span, allowing you to achieve your goals on time. Our skilled workforce has extensive experience in crafting a wide range of lead products to both national and international specifications.


As the U.S. leaders in lead-based products, if it is possible to do it with lead, we can achieve it! Call us at (800) 749-6061.

Lead Billets For Extrusion

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