#4 Lead Shot for Sale – A Look at the Applications and Benefits

Useful in a variety of applications, our #4 lead shot for sale is highly popular for turkey hunting. In addition, this led shot is often used for target shooting, varmint control, hunting birds of various sizes and shapes, as well as for home defense. Part of its performance characteristics include its excellent ballistics capabilities and its propensity to penetrate deep into the target, enabling easy kills. For these reasons it is often preferred over steel and hunting applications. At Mayco Industries, we manufacture and distribute West Coast and Lawrence Brand Shot to re-loaders and shooters across the nation.


Hunting With #4 Shot


The most commonly hunted animals with the #4 lead shot for sale at Mayco Industries are geese, pheasants, and turkey. When it comes to hunting medium to large game fowl, you can’t do much better than #4 shot. It is particularly effective for hunting large birds in because lead maintains a consistent pattern over a long range.


Using #4 Shot for Home Defense


When it comes to home defense, many homeowners will load their shotgun with buckshot. However, what you use may depend on your personal preference or what you have learned from others. Some will choose to load with our number #4 lead shot for sale and then subsequently heavier loads. By loading with #4 shot, the idea is that it will produce significant impact at close range, but not pass through multiple walls in the home.


As a homeowner, you may choose a certain kind of shot based on your comfort level for home defense. Anything larger than #4 may be preferred when a longer shot is required.


You may need to do some research before hunting with #4 lead shot if you are going to use it on land area where its use is restricted due to potential land and groundwater contamination, but on your own property it may be your call. Check the laws in your locality and state. If you have a large area of land that is being invaded by unwanted guests such as squirrels, rabbits, and other small game species environment, #4 lead shot may be exactly what you need.


If you have any questions about our lead shot for sale at Mayco Industries, call us today at 800.749.6061 or send us a message through our contact form.