3 Reasons to Buy Lead Ingots from Mayco Industries

At Mayco Industries, we specialize in lead products; it is the focus of our business. This focus allows us to not just offer the top selection of lead materials and components, but it also allows our staff to have expertise in working with this material across a range of different applications.

While most of our customers that are in the market to buy lead ingots are in the plumbing or construction industry, we also offer ingots that are used in various marine applications, as well as for manufacturing of equipment, and storage products.

There are several reasons why these companies choose to buy lead ingots exclusively from Mayco Industries. By taking a closer look at the benefits, you will see how our products can benefit your production and construction processes.



Our lead ingots are sold at either 99.7 or 99.9-percent pure lead. We are committed to quality in all of the products we manufacture. We make sure all of our products, including our ingots, are produced to required industry specifications.

We offer a spec-sheet downloads for all of our products on our website. This includes those used for radiation shielding, as well as for roofing and plumbing, ballasts, and other applications.


In-house Inventory and Availability

We understand that when you need to buy lead ingots, you want to be able to count on prompt delivery, and short turnaround times for orders. As a specialty lead supplier, we carry a diverse in-house inventory, and can work with companies for regular orders of any size to ensure prompt and on-time delivery.


Easy to Manage

In addition to the outstanding quality of our lead ingots, we have also taken the time to ensure they are available in an easy-to-work-with and storage form. We offer our ingots in 5-pound sections of 5 ingots, for a total string weight of 25 pounds.

The ingots all come clean, and ready to use: ideal for any application on construction sites, or when used in fabrication and manufacturing processes at your facility. For more information, or to place an order, call us today at 800-749-6061, or fill in the request for a quote form on the website.