Mayco Industries offers several standard lead alloys and is capable of making most custom lead alloys as requested. If you do not see the alloy you are looking for please contact us for availability.


Our “standard stock” alloys can be manufactured into most any product, usually within 10 days or less. Custom run alloys take a minimum of an additional week and can have a minimum order quantity. Minimum quantity will be determined by alloy requested.


Mayco can offer a cert of chemical analysis and/or cert of conformance to chemistry only. We cannot offer a cert of conformance to any spec. Mayco Industries does not do physical property testing other than dimensions.

Lead alloys
Spec NumberDescriptionLead (Pb)Copper
pig leadQQ-L-171 Gr ACorroding99.9% min
pig leadQQ-L-171 Gr BCorroding B95% min
pig leadQQ-L-171 Gr CChemical99.9% min.040-.080
sheet & plateQQ-L-201f Gr BCorroding B99.5% min
sheet & plateQQ-L-201f Gr CChemical99.9% min.040-.080
sheet & plateQQ-L-201f Gr DTe Plate99.85% min.040-.080035-.060
pig & lead woolQQ-C-40 Gr CCorroding99.7% min
QQ-C-40 Gr DTe caulking99.82% min.040 - .080 .035-.055
ASTM B749 or B29L50049ASTM corroding/pure99.94% min.0015 max
ASTM B749 or B29L51121ASTM chemical/copper 99.90% min.040 -.080

Antimonial Lead

Antimonial lead is produced by adding Antimony to Lead. Antimony, number 51 on the Periodic Table of Elements, is a harder metal than lead, thus when mixed with lead, makes it harder and/or firmer. The percentage of Antimony depends upon your application or specifications. Antimonial lead can be supplied in multiple forms. Our dedicated staff can help you decide what is right for you.

Antimony Alloys
AMS7721antimonial6 - 7 %.25 - .75 %max .08%
M1antimonial98% min.5 - 1.4999%max 1%
M2antimonial97% min1.5 - 2.4999%max 1%
M3antimonial96% min2.5 - 3.4999%max 1%
M4antimonial95% min3.5 - 4.4999%max 1%
M5antimonial94% min4.5 - 5.4999%max 1%
M6antimonial93% min5.5 - 6.4999%max 1%

Bullet Alloys

Mayco Industries is capable of supplying Bullet Alloy in a wide range of specifications to best suit your equipment. We do extensive quality testing to reduce dross so our customers get the best product and yield for their money. Contact us for pricing and to find out more information about what alloy and product is best for you.

Bullet AlloysTin
2/62%6%92%In Stock (100# min.)
2/72%7%91%1000# min.
20-15%-95%1000# min.
30-13%-97%1000# min.

Pure Tin

Mayco can supply pure tin bars, ingots and sheet in various sizes and diameters. Special tin alloys are also available. Tin is typically run on our Britt Mill to create an ultra-smooth, high quality surface.

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