Acoustical Lead

acoustical leadSheet lead is essential to acoustic control systems. Lead is an extremely efficient acoustic barrier material by itself or fastened to studs as part of the wall. Lead sheet can also be adhesively bonded to gypsum board or plywood.

In general, there are three functions for describing Acoustical Control:

  1. Blocking of sound path by barriers.
  2. Damping of structures and surfaces – to reduce vibration and radiation of airborne sound.
  3. Absorbing sound- usually by light fibrous materials.

Attenulead has been developed to help control noise in various interior environments, hospitals, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, apartment buildings and other multi-family housing.

Advantages of Attenulead include: High density, natural limpness and is easily adaptable to fit most any space.

Attenulead is generally available in 1/64″ thick x 4′ wide by 20′ long. Special sizes are available upon request.

Lead for Noise Control Compared to Other Materials

Approximate thickness of single, simple partitions to meet permissable transmission loss requirements.

MaterialModerately Noisy OfficeQuiet OfficeVery Quiet Office
Fir Plywood3.67"6.67"13.33"
Sand Plaster0.2"4.45"8.9"
Dense Concrete0.14"4.85"12.2"

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