Roof Flashings


Mayco Industries offers a first-rate selection of lead flashings for commercial and residential purposes.

Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings

lead-roof-flashingMayco’s Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings are ideal for all types of roofing applications. They are available in 2.5 lb and 4 lb weights and 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” pipe diameters. Not to mention, they are flexible to about 14 degrees. This product is available for same-day shipping (2.5 lb only).

Custom Lead Flashing

Custom Lead FLashingWe make Custom Lead Flashings to fit your architectural specifications and to meet federal, state, city, and county flashing codes. They can be manufactured as adjustable, or made to fit any roof up to 16/12 pitch. When ordering Custom Lead Flashings, be sure to specify pipe diameter, lead thickness, the size of your flange or base, the height of your boot, and the pitch of your roof.

Roof Pitch Conversion Chart

Lead Flashing Spec Sheet

Roof Pitch Angle Roof Pitch Degree
1/12=4 1/2
2/12=9 1/2
4/12=18 1/2
5/12=22 1/2
6/12=26 1/2
7/12=30 1/4
8/12=33 1/2
9/12=36 1/2
10/12=39 1/2
11/12=42 1/2
17/12=54 1/2
12/17=35 1/4

Tile Lead Flashings

tile-lead-flashingMayco’s Tile Lead Flashings are designed specifically for the tile roof. This means that the bases are larger. Available for same-day shipping.

Polymer-Coated Flashings

coated flashingsMayCoat™ Polymer-Coated Flashings have the most durable coating available. The unique chemical properties of this coating provide unmatched protection against UV rays. We offer them in gray and black. Learn more.

For more information on our flashings, please visit the Outlast site.

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