Auto Caulk Flashings

Auto Clauk Roof Flashing

Mayco’s Auto Caulk Roof Flashings have a flexible seal and are die-formed to flashings. You can get them as Galvanized, Aluminum, or Copper. The EPDM rubber collars make them completely waterproof and leak-proof. They fit up to a 40 degree roof pitch and come in four sizes: 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, and 4”. We also offer two space-saving combo sizes: 1-1/2”, 2”, the 3-in-1 combo, and the 3-in-4 combo (see table below).

Copper auto-caulks are only available in combo sizes. “Collars Only” available in combo sizes for quick and easy repairs. Super Neo-poly Flashing

Super Neo-poly

The Super Neo-poly is available in 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, and the 3-in-1 combo. It fits up to a 15/12 pitch (51°) with a polypropylene base and an improved elastomer collar. However, it is not for hot-mopped or built-up roof applications. View Super Neo-poly Flashing Details (PDF)

Traditional Neo-poly

Traditional Neo-polyThis comes in 4″ and 3/4″ combo sizes. The injection-molded polypropylene base has a melt flow rate of 14 and a notched Izod score of 11. That makes for superb impact resistance.

Also, we mold a thermoplastic rubber collar onto the base, making a one-piece permanent bonding of the materials. And it fits roofs of up to a 45 degree pitch.

Auto Caulk Roof Flashings – Base Sizes

 1 ½”2”3”4”1 ½”, 2” & 3” COMBO3” & 4” COMBO
GALVANIZED8.75” x 12.625”8.75” x 12.625”10.75” x 14.5”11.75” x 15.5”10.75” x 14.5”11.75” x 15.5”
ALUMINUM8.75” x 12.625”8.75” x 12.625”10.75” x 14.5”11.75” x 15.5”10.75” x 14.5”11.75” x 15.5”
COPPERN/AN/AN/AN/A10.75” x 14.5”11.75” x 15.5”
8.875” x 11.75”8.875” x 11.75”10.75” X 13.625”N/A10.75” X 13.625”N/A
NEO-POLYN/AN/AN/A11.75” x 15.5”N/A11.75” x 15.5”
All auto caulks are packaged 12 per carton. NOTE: Do not use petroleum-based products on plastic bases or collars. Not for hot-mopped applications.

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