MayShielding Radiation Protection

Smart businesses use Mayco’s lead shields for assorted medical, dental, radiologic, nuclear, and pharmaceutical purposes. When it comes to protecting yourself and your clients, lead provides the strongest and most effective barrier against radiation rays.

Enter MayShielding. A fierce approach to radiation protection.


An impenetrable wall against the threat of physical harm. The freedom to live and work in peace. Such is the effect of MayShielding.

MayShielding will produce sheet and plate lead to your alloy and size specifications. We offer several shielding sizes and stock them in four of our distributing facilities. In the long run, this saves you both time and money.

Sheet and Plate Capability

  • Thickness: 0.015” to 5” thick
  • Width: Up to 110” wide
  • Length: Up to 25’ long

MayShielding can create a solid rolled plate of up to 10,000 lb.

Lead Shielding Stock sizes include:

ThicknessSizeApproximate Weight
1/3248 x 8452.00
1/3249 x 8454.00
1/3248 x 9660.00
1/3249 x 9661.00
1/1648 x 84105.00
1/1649 x 84107.00
1/1648 x 96120.00
1/1649 x 96122.00
1/848 x 84210.00
1/849 x 84214.00
1/848 x 96240.00
1/849 x 96245.00

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