Flat Lead Bricks


Flat Lead Bricks are most commonly used for various shielding requirements including x-ray radiation & nuclear shielding. Mayco flat bricks meet or exceed federal specifications for shielding requirements.

Our standard lead brick (2”x4”x8”) weighs approx. 26.67 lbs. each. We most commonly offer them the following 3 ways:
1) un-coated, 2) epoxy coated and 3) powder coated.

Un-coated lead bricks are just as they sound. There will be direct contact with lead and environmental exposure including lead dust and residue. Lead safety practices required with this product.

Epoxy coating is a light weight, 2 part paint that allows safe handling, by removing human contact with lead. It also reduces environmental exposure to lead. If bricks will be placed in a location never to be moved this is a sufficient coating.

Powder coating is more durable than the basic epoxy coating. It offers the same safe handling and reduced environmental exposure. The powder coating offers a level of durability as well; it will not chip with standard use dents and dings, and has stood up to higher impact testing. Mayco Industries recommends powder coating if bricks will be potentially be moved on a somewhat regular basis.


Purchase Lead Bricks

2” x 4” x 8” Lead BricksBuy Securely through Pay-Pal
Lead Brick

26.67 lbs. each
Sold in 2 Per Box
Sold Online in lots of 2 each
$55.00 each plus S & H $22.00

Lead Brick

26.67 lbs. each
Sold in 2 Per Box
Sold Online in lots of 2 each
$75.00 each plus S & H $22.00

(Available for shipping in the Continental US only)

Other coatings and sizes are available based off of specific needs.
Lead bricks are also often used as ballast.

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