Lead Scrap & Lead Recycling

lead scrap recyclingMayco Industries is one of the largest buyers of lead scrap in the United States. We are constantly in the market so we can make you a creditable offer consistent with today’s lead prices. We can take all forms of scrap lead, cable strips, reclaimed shot as well as manufacturing cut-offs for recycling. By recycling with Mayco you will be in complete compliance with all environmental regulations. We accept straight loads, mixed loads, as well as LTL quantities. When required, Mayco can arrange pick up for material.

We are always in the market for the following items:

  • Soft Lead
  • Antimonial Lead
  • 99% Remelt Sows Lead
  • Solder-Bar/Wire
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Tungsten
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Lead Scrap
  • Lead Strips
  • Range Lead
  • Recovered Shot
  • 99% Ballast Lead
  • Linotype
  • Lead Bar/ Block
  • Mixed Lead
  • Tank Lead
  • Steel Encased Lead

If you have any of these items, please contact Jay Sandler at (773) 264-5900 or Rhonda Bower at (205) 908-8260, or email jay@maycoindustries.com or rhonda@maycoindustries.com for the best pricing in the country. If you are a nuclear pharmacy or have scrap lead from a nuclear pharmacy, please contact Rhonda Bower at (205) 271-5701 or email rhonda@maycoindustries.com to discuss our Pharmacy Lead Scrap Recycling Program, or Click Here to learn more.

Give us the opportunity to quote you on your next truckload of scrap lead. Along with great customer care, we can offer you flexible payment terms and fair & accurate settlements.

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