Bullet Alloys

Mayco Industries is capable of supplying Bullet Alloy in a wide range of specifications to best suit your equipment. We do extensive quality testing to reduce dross so our customers get the best product and yield for their money. Contact us for pricing and to find out more information about what alloy and product is best for you.

Bullet AlloysTin (Sn)Antimony (Sb)Lead (Pb)Availability
2/62%6%92%In Stock (100# min.)
2/72%7%91%1000# min.
20-15%-95%1000# min.
30-13%-97%1000# min.

Bullet alloy is supplied in 3 bar options to best suit your needs:

Bullet AlloyTri-Bar
Tri-Bar is a cast product, available in any bullet alloy. Tri-Bar ideal for customers with small kettles. Each “individual bar” weighs approximately 7 lbs. and breaks apart easily for individual use.

Rough Sawn Plate (Premium)
Our Rough Sawn Plate is a rolled product. When lead is poured air pockets can form. Mayco pours large slabs of bullet alloy and rolls on one of our in house mills to “squeeze” out any air pockets. By turning this into a cut product that has gone through a rolling process you will get more yield for the same weight. Each cut piece is approximately 3/4” x 4.5” x 10”. Mayco stamps each piece with a melt number for identification.

Bullet Brick (Premium)
Like our Rough Sawn Plate, Bullet Brick is a rolled product producing more yield per weight processed. Bricks are used in medium to large kettles, they are approximately 2.5” x 2” X 8”. Mayco stamps each piece with a melt number for identification.

We also supply Bullet Wire and Lead Billets for extrusion in any of our bullet or custom alloys.

Premium Bullet Alloy is only available in 2/6 alloy at this time.

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