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The Importance of Industrial Lead Counterweights standard

A lift truck pulls up to a pallet of heavy iron. As the operator inserts and then lifts the forks, he notices the back wheels coming off the ground. The smart operator sets the load back down and doesn’t lift it. Let’s look closer at what is happening in this scenario, to help you understand how lead counterweights work and why they are so important. What is a Counterweight? A counterweight is the stabilizing part of a balancing system for a lifting mechanism or machine. They are used in lift trucks, draw bridges, elevators, cranes, and any machine that lifts a lot of weight. A balance system has a main support or fulcrum. This is the tipping point, and by ...

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Choosing Lead Wire Spool Options standard

One of the products we offer at Mayco Industries is lead wire spool. Our lead wire ranges from the smallest standard diameter of just 0.093 inches to up to 0.750 inches in diameter. For easy handling, we can provide the wire in cut lengths, but most of our customers choose to order the wire on a drum or spool. The lead wire spool typically contains a length of the wire equal to approximately 10 feet. We have a variety of spool sizes from 50 lb to 250 lb. Alternatively, we can coil it into drums for larger orders, if requested. Uses of Lead Wire We work with many different industries and many different businesses and manufacturers using lead wire spool. ...

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